Cuteness Overload - A 5-Year-Old Girl Discusses Princess Leia’s Slave Outfit With Her Dad

British comedian Adam Buxton sat down with his daughter, who was perusing a Star Wars annual, and they started discussing the outfit Princess Leia wears when she's held captive by Jabba the Hut in Return of the Jedi.

It's a bit of a controversial costume considering it's barely there, consisting of pretty much a metal bikini which could be seen as somewhat demeaning.

But Buxton's daughter offers a fresh perspective on the outfit: she loves it!

"He actually chosen a really nice dress," she says. "Because I like the way he put the sort of tiara, the bands, these, this, that, her hair plaited—it's actually a pretty good look for her."

So there you go, forget about sexism or objectification of the female form or 40-odd years of women's lib or anything like that. Forget it all. Jabba the Hut is actually a really great stylist.

If you're 5 years old, that is.


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