SNL's Star Wars Auditions Feature Emma Stone, Jon Hamm, And 'Danny DeVito' as BB-8

If you've been watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers and TV spots, and most people probably have because it's the new freakin' Star Wars, then you'll know that the new cast members, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, look like they're going to fit very well into the Star Wars universe.

But, not every actor can slot into the galaxy far, far away. Jon Hamm, for instance, does not a good Han (or "Hamm") Solo make—at least not in this SNL spoof of the casting for the new Star Wars movie.

It features a brief intro from J. J. Abrams himself and even has Daisy Ridley and John Boyega clowning around with the SNL cast, who impersonate a range of actors auditioning for various roles.

We get Bobby Moynihan as George Lucas, Cecily Strong as Sofia Vergara, Taran Killam as David Beckham, and Kate McKinnon as Maggie Smith.

We also get "Danny DeVito" auditioning for the part of BB-8, "Shaquille O'Neal" as Chewbacca, and "Javier Bardem" making lewd jokes about lightsabers.

Emma Stone also pops up to ridicule herself in Aloha. It's not groundbreaking comedy, but it's great fun.


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