The 'Honest Teaser' For The Force Awakens Perfectly Sums Up Everyone's Expectations And Fears

It's nearly new Star Wars movie time—in just over six weeks fans, and non-fans dragged to the cinema by their obsessed partners/friends/parents, will be able to find out whether the latest film following the events of a galaxy far, far away is total Jar-Jar or as badass as Boba Fett.

Until then we'll have to make do with the glut of content centred on The Force Awakens, content which is either speculating over every plot detail or having some fun with all the anticipation. A prime example of the latter is this Honest Teaser from Screen Junkies, the guys behind the Honest Trailers series.

The video is a great run down of how lots of people are feeling, summing up the expectations and dread with plenty of jokes, plenty of speculation, and plenty of references to the prequels—which are weighing heavily on people's minds.

It also makes the following statement, which is so true it's frightening, "We could show you two hours of a monkey washing a cat and you’d still go see this movie… twice." Yup.

In other Star Wars news, people are getting hyped about a Duracell Star Wars commercial called "Battle for Christmas Morning." It features two kids, a boy and girl, running around battling Stormtroopers with their battery-powered lightsabers.

The girl is dressed like Rey from the new film, and she's holding a particular-colored lightsaber. It's the same color as the one used by a certain character from the Star Wars universe, and people are taking it as an indication of who her father is.

Could it be a subtle nod or just pure coincidence? Check it out below. Then discuss endlessly, as required.

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