Two Cowboys Face-Off In A Stare Down Contest Of Such Epic Intensity Their Faces Implode

When it comes to cowboy westerns we are all used to the inevitable meeting of gunfighters for a duel, and of course the stare down that precedes it, you always need a good stare down.

But nothing like this. There are epic stare down contests and then there is this video, which is the most epic of the epic stare down contests.

Directed by Australian filmmaker Michael Shanks, two guys begin a duel in the middle of woodland, but before they pull their guns out they need to squint at each other, because that's what cowboys do.

Just ask Clint Eastwood.

The squinting becomes so intense though that soon the cowboy's are straining their faces so much that—suddenly—their noses have disappeared inside their own heads.

And that's only the beginning—first the nose, then their heads, then their entire bodies.

And before long their stares are of such ferocity the entire earth implodes, in what's a hilarious take on a classic Western film trope.


via Laughing Squid

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