60 Year Old Skateboarder Neal Unger Shows Off His Skills In The Moth & The Flame's 'Young & Unafraid'

Neal Unger came to skateboarding late in his life and embraced it as a way to focus his body and mind—and he's become a bit of a celebrity with videos profiling him and his fearless approach to learning a new skill, especially one as physical as skating.

He was recently picked by director Rebecca Thomas to star in the music video for The Moth & The Flame’s "Young & Unafraid." The video, which has now gone viral, had an interesting journey getting there.

It was uploaded to YouTube at the beginning of May, where a British skateboarding magazine called Sidewalk saw it, removed any credits relating to The Moth & The Flame and uploaded it to their Facebook page where it got around 3 millions plays. The YouTube vid meanwhile was only on about 20,000.

So the band took to Reddit to ask for their help. Redditors rose to the occasion and took to Sidewalk's Facebook page posting links to the YouTube version, bombarding them until they finally put a credit mentioning the band.

So justice was finally served (kind of) and the band have even done an AMA. You can check out the video in question above and head to the band's Facebook page for more on them.


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