7 Instances Of Adorable Kids Getting Totally Upset Because Daddy Stole Their Nose

Kids are easily fooled, and it's nothing to be proud of if you manage to do it. OK, alright, it is something to be a little proud of, even if it means the kid cries.

Because, we all know one of the most powerful lessons life can teach you is the utter trauma of having your nose stolen when you're a toddler.

You don't realize it's not actually been stolen, you just know that one of the people you trusted most has taken your damn nose. How could they do that to me you see them wonder in shock.

It's a life lesson for a child that not only does their parent possess magical powers, they are also cruel and evil at your expense. Especially if they are filming the event with the intent of uploading it to YouTube for other adults amusement. But they wouldn't do that, would they?

We have some bad news for you kids on that point.

So getting so upset probably has something to do with a mixture of a profound existential realization that your body is not indestructible, or these kids are just really overtired, but probably because they realize their parents are a-holes.

Let's take a look below.

1. A nose AND an ear are taken. It doesn't end well.

2. This kid's very polite, asking very nicely if dad could return her stolen appendage.

3. Fight back. Take daddy's nose.

4. This guy's a sicko. He pretends to eat his little girl's nose and ears.

5. Dads. Stealing kid's noses since time immemorial.

6. Poor Jena. Poor, poor Jena.

7. One stolen nose. One epic meltdown.

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