Man Hears For The First Time, Then Instantly Lives To Regret The Effects Of His Medical Breakthrough

Being deaf is a disability that you can live a normal life with, but there are some things that living with hearing loss can not provide, the enjoyment of music and all the wonderful sounds of nature come to mind. And lets not forget the voices of your loved ones.

Imagine if you had never heard your wife talking then, thanks to the modern world and the advances of science, your hearing was suddenly turned on.

A whole new aural world would open up before you, a world of bird song, children's laughter, and, um, your wife's really annoying voice. Yep, not all sounds are pleasant and welcome, and this comically dark sketch from Deer Prom acknowledges that fully.

A man is at first overcome with emotion that he can hear, then is overcome with horror at not only his spouse's ingratiating tone, but arguing doctors and terrible pop music too. So he ops to go back to sweet, sweet silence instead.


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