11 Of The Creepiest, Most Horrifying Robots That Have Ever Existed

Robots. They fall into two different categories. The shiny, kinda cute ASIMO type that look like they'd be your BFF until the Singularity hits when they'd hunt you down and kill you.

Then there's the abominable kind. The kind that sit in the uncanny valley mocking us with their haunted, jerking half-human features. These monsters you can barely look at for long, let alone welcome into your home to be your own personal Rosie from The Jetsons.

If you dare, cast your eyes below for some of the creepiest robots that have ever roboted.

1. The expression-mimicking Actroid-F. She's totally mastered the psycho grin.

2. Phillip K. Dick Android. Not even the great sci-fi writer himself could've come up with something so heinous.

3. Humanoid Robot Mouth. OK, so it's just a mouth but LOOK AT IT.

4. Singing Humanoid Head. You'll be seeing this one again tonight, when you sleep.

5. The Telenoid R1. It looks like a malformed human seal.

6. Weird Elderly Businessman Crawling Robot. Just, why? WHY!?

7. CB2 Child Robot. Happy nightmares.

8. Gemonoid HI-1. Built in the likeness of its creator Hiroshi Ishiguro, because he hates humanity and wants us all to suffer.

9. Android Newscaster. Even Glenn Beck is better than this horror show.

10. Dancing Animatronic Doll. Oh god, that mask.

11. Devil baby. Truly diabolical.

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