This 8 Year Old's Rendition Of 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)' Is Absolutely Spectacular

Talent shows are garbage. There, I've said it. And now we've got that out the way we can move forwards, forwards on to the only thing that gives them any ounce of redemption—and that's when a young kid comes along and blows everyone away with a performance of a classic track.

A track that's usually sung by a singer four times their age and ten times their heartache.

That's exactly what 8-year-old Angelina Jordan does in the video above in a showstopper of a performance taken from Norske Talenter (you know, Norway's Got Talent). Watching her belt out the track, that we all know from Kill Bill more than anywhere else, will make your bosom swell with pride.

Even though you don't know this girl and you might not have any bosom to swell.

Right here it gets me. Right here.

Check below for more standout performances from this incredibly talented young singer.

Surely she should've won this competition by now though? Well people, she did. Proof that there is still some justice left in this world.

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