81-Year-Old Grandpa's Superhuman Gym Workout Puts Us All To Shame

Unless you're some kind of pumped up bro who goes hard at the weights everyday, you probably keep telling yourself that next week is the week you turn over a new leaf and join the local gym and get yourself in shape. Good old next week, it's always there and therein lies its beauty.

And if anyone calls you up on it, just show them this video of 81-year-old Ukrainian Fedor Aleksejevich Hasjanov. He shows that age is no barrier to repping it down the gym, so constantly delaying your start date shouldn't matter because you got plenty of time. Plenty.

Hasjanov was an athlete in his youth and it looks like it served him well—he's retained a lot of muscle mass from that period and looks in amazing shape for a man of his age.

Watch with shame and admiration as he does pushups, chinups, a human flag and all kinds of other feats that make you think he must be some kind of superhuman.


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