87 Bounces Is What It Takes For This Basketball To Make Its Way Through 24 Different Movies

A guy throws a basketball at a hoop, misses, and so begins the basketball's journey through dozens of popular movies, starting with Goodfellas and working it's way through The Big Lebowski (below), The Wolf of Wall Street, Trainspotting and a good few more.

And so begins an incredible feat of film editing that makes you feel like the whole thing had always existed in the original movies. It's slightly trippy and mind-blowing.

The short film is called 87 Bounces and is by HOTU Studio, who manage to seamlessly integrate the ball from scene to scene in the various different movies, as one action leads on to the next before it bounces back to the court where it all began.

It's such a simple idea but it's executed so perfectly that it just makes for some really enjoyable, and satisfying, viewing.


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