Harry Potter Gets Reimagined As The Intro To The TV Show 'Friends' -- And It Works Perfectly

You can thank boredom for this mashup of characters from Harry Potter with the intro to 90s sitcom Friends. Because that's what Jeremiah Rivera said inspired him to make it. His skills at editing turn the Harry Potter series into a lighthearted comedy

Plus, you could probably dub The Rembrandts' well-known song onto footage of a leaf blowing down a street in the wind and your brain would somehow see the Friends intro, such is the conditioning that song has done to our minds.

The one thing missing from Rivera's remix is the zany high jinks in the fountain at the end, but it compensates with a group hug between Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

Due to the popularity of the Harry Potter vid, Rivera made the most of the situation and made an Avengers version too. See below.

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