Unicorns DO Exist - 87-Year-Old Chinese Woman Has Large Horn Growing Out Of Her Head

Next time you get into an argument over whether unicorns ever existed or not and your friends try to shame you because you choose to 'believe', give them a knowing smile, pity their ignorance and show them this video. They will never doubt your claims about the existence of unicorns, mermaids and extra terrestrials again. Maybe.

A woman in Sichuan, China went to doctors with a rather stranger and rare condition. She appeared to have a horn protruding from her head like a unicorn. 87-year-old Liang Xiuzhen has a 5-inch by 2-inch growth which amazed locals doctors when they saw it.

It started out as a black mole about seven years ago, but around two years ago developed into a horn shape, which was around two inches long. However the smaller horn somehow broke in February this year and since then has grown rather rapidly into the current one.

Doctors have said its a tumorous growth, a cutaneous horn formed from keratin, which is the same substance our nails and hair are made from. They don't know exactly how such a growth can happen, but like lots of moles sunlight may have had an effect on it.

The woman said that the horn was stopping her from sleeping and although doctors say they can perform surgery to remove it Xiuzhen's family have said she's too old and frail to undergo it.


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