The Best Fails Of 2015 - Enjoy Some Of The Most Hilarious End Of The Year Schadenfreude

What a year it's been. And I don't mean politically or anything to do with any kind of global events—I mean in the world of fail videos. Because it's been a fine and vintage year in terms of people getting caught on camera falling over, getting hit by a ball, or driving along with waaay to heavy a load on their car.

You only need to look at the length of the compilation video of FailArmy's "Best Fails of the Year" to see that as sure as the earth continues to spin, people continue to fail. Hard.

It's 15 minutes long and this is only part one. Not one of those minutes is filler though, and you'll be hooked from the outset. Watching other people's misfortune always makes for viewing hilarity.

Because it starts as it means to go on, with someone doing a victory dance because they got a free taco, only to fall over a skateboard and their freebie to hit the floor without ever taking a mouthful.

It's pure schadenfreude and, as such, very amusing indeed.

Check out part two below. [to add when comes out]


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