Pot-litical Debate? Smoking Weed (And Snacks) Unites A Republican, Democrat, And Independent

Smoking weed makes for bipartisan politics in this video from WatchCut which places a Republican, Democrat, and Independent in the same room together and gets them all totally stoned. WatchCut have got previous with this type of uniting people of different persuasions and ideologies by getting them smoking weed together. They previously did it with a rabbi, priest, and an atheist. This time they've gone political with Shakira (the Democrat), Anthony (Independent), and Chelsea (Republican).

As you can imagine things do get fiery at times, after all they may be smoking weed and hitting bongs, but this is still politics. And that means raised voices and blood pressure, especially in this divisive age of Trump, populism, and post-truthism. And Trump is certainly a topic that comes up, pretty quickly in fact, with the Democrat and Republican chewing the fat about the 45th's ability to offend. It takes the Independent to mediate that.

But that's not the only topic these guys discuss while smoking weed, other topics include racism, immigration, and the media.

The Politics Of People Smoking Weed Together

Republican Democrat Independent Smoking Weed 01.

Still, while there's plenty of debate this is people smoking weed together we're talking about here. And so that means people losing track of thoughts mid-argument, lots of giggling, and also bonding over a game of "f*ck, marry, kill" involving Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, and The Donald.

And towards the end the Democrat and Republican bond even further, even high fiving, over the fact that neither of them even voted, which seems kind of strange and nonsensical considering the whole point is that they're here for representing their parties, but hey. Telling the truth seems to be one of the benefits of smoking weed.

After all, who cares, maaan. Because by the end everyone's too high to give a shit. Except maybe about where the next snack (and the one after that) is coming from.

For more from WatchCut check out their YouTube channel.

Republican Democrat Independent Smoking Weed.

Image: YouTube / WatchCut Video

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