In God We Toke—'The First Church of Cannabis' To Hold Opening Service In Indianapolis Next Month

Forget about wafers and wine, at the First Church of Cannabis they'll be smoking a joint as their marijuana-inspired sacrament (but don't worry i'm pretty sure the wafers & wine will be very useful later on when the church-goers develop a case of the munchies).

Taking advantage of Indianapolis’s very strange religious freedom law, which was introduced earlier this year and was criticized as a way for religious groups to suppress LGBT rights, the weed-toking religious group and its disciples will hold its opening service next month on July 1, the same day the law will take effect.

The state legally recognised the Church last week, which is headed up by Minister of Love and Grand Pooba Bill Levin. And even though mary jane is still illegal in Indianapolis, members will be allowed to smoke spliffs in the church and go full on Cheech and Chong.

Talking on Death and Taxes website, Levin said, "If someone is smoking in our church, God bless them. This is a church to show a proper way of life, a loving way to live life. We are called ‘cannataerians.’

He goes on to say, "“We don’t want to poison people. We want to see them healthy. And cannabis is the healthiest plant on Earth."

The "Deity Dozen," The First Church of Cannabis' equivalent of the Ten Commandments.

The church notes that it does not worship cannabis but celebrates "Life's Great Adventure... We celebrate love in our lives and pray with cannabis. It is a HEALTH SUPPLEMENT for our bodies and our minds. It brings us closer to each other and closer to love. And it is Good." I'll toke to that.


It won't buy or sell cannabis either, but accepts puffing on a fat one as part of their religious practices.


The church has a GoFundMe page if you want to donate and you can learn more about them on their Facebook page which states "Come share LOVE at our Church. Be a CANNABITERIAN!"

Minister of Love and Grand Pooba Bill Levin

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