Watching A Bunch Of Parents And Kids Get Stoned Together For The First Time Is A Bit Odd, But Funny

When you want to get stoned, chances are it's not something you want to do (or have even thought of doing) with your parents. You might have done it in your parents' house (we won't tell) when you were younger, but not with them. That's not the case with this video from Cut, which features kids and parents sharing joints together, for the first time at that.

They do however get to choose how they get stoned, be it toking a bong or a joint (there's also some bowls of chips on the table, for those inevitable munchies). But once that's decided the three groups of father/son, mom/daughter, and father/daughter get stuck in and start toking away. If it seems odd, just remember, your parents used to be kids once too.

After a serious bout of coughing from one pair, they all get stuck in to asking each other some questions, like "Should weed be legal?" to which one mom replies by just getting a case of the giggles.

Another question, which is quite hilarious, is getting them to ask each other stoned, "Have you ever made a sex tape?" "No" replies one dad, "But that would be fun to do, know any young girls?"

Then the fun and games begin, as the giant rabbit head comes out and a second round of joints gets smoked.

However, it's not all fun and games for everyone. Inevitably one person has whitey. And it happens to be a parent too. As one dad turns a whiter shade of pale as he suddenly realizes he's consumed a little too much (last time he had some was back in college).

And it results in him having to ask for a bucket, which he promptly throws up in. Definitely a good reason not to get stoned with your parents, I guess.

"It's not for everyone." remarks his son. No it is not. Still, no doubt others will heed the calling
to get stoned all the time, perhaps even, as Dre says, smoke weed everyday.

Check out more videos from Cut Video at their YouTube page.

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