Action Movie Kid - Volume 3: When Your Dad's An SFX Wizard This Is What Your Play Time Looks Like

Action Movie Kid is back for a third volume of his CGI-enhanced adventures, courtesy of his cool dad, a former Dreamworks animator, who turns his play time into all kinds of action-based fun.

James Hashimoto is the lucky 4-year-old boy who gets to fight giant robots, crack a whip like Indiana Jones, or wield a lightsaber like a Jedi. And be a viral star on top of all that.

Best dad ever contender, Daniel Hashimoto, has been turning his After Effects skills to his son's playing for about a year now (check their previous efforts here).

Daniel says that, "My 4-year-old kid is awesome. He gets into some epic situations which remind me that life is an adventure."

It makes you wonder who's having the most fun from this situation, a 4yr old who gets to have all of his playtime fantasies come true, or the dad who obviously gets a big kick from making them happen. You decide.

You can keep up to date with it all by following their YouTube channel.

Just try not to be too overcome with jealousy.


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