'THE EXPERIMENT IS READY!'—Action Movie Kid Animates The Dead In This Halloween Special

Action Movie Kid, in case you don't know, is James Hashimoto the 3-year-old son of Daniel Hashimoto, a Dreamworks Animation artist who likes augmenting his kid's playtime into a series of epic adventures using Adobe After Effects.

The web series has seen James battle robots, sharks, even become a Jedi. It's enough to make any kid, and parent, insanely jealous.

For Halloween they've teamed up to create a nod to Frankenstein's monster, while also paying dues to James' younger sister learning to walk.

It sees James animate the dead using the power of electricity to bring to life an abomination—a very cute abomination, that is.

If nothing else it shows that James might have a promising career ahead of him playing Hollywood villains.

Because that boy has got an on-point evil laugh.


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