Kanye West’s Wikipedia Page Hit By Trolls, Gets Linked To Loser.com

There's never a dull moment in Kanye West's life, it seems. After he caused a storm at the Grammys after pretending to interrupt Beck (above) when he went to collect his award for Album of the Year, even though by pretending to interrupt him he actually did, the fallout is still occurring.

As well as storming the stage Kanye also later said that Beyonce was robbed of Album of the Year by Beck.

And now there's been a new development—some joker has redirected the domain Loser.com to Kanye's Wikipedia page. Which is pretty funny, whether Yeezus will see it this way, who knows?

The whole Grammys stage storming, while enraging some, has been a source of inspiration for the internet. As well as the loser.com, there's also been a mashup up of Beck's "Loser" with Beyonce's "Single Ladies."

Even though Beck himself doesn't seem bothered about what Kanye did, Kanye has since apologised on Twitter.

He also took the opportunity to apologise to Bruno Mars too. Because, why not?

But even his apologising is a source to mock, as SNL did with this sketch that appeared on Weekend Update.

Who knows what will happen next.

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