Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL As Donald Trump, The Real Trump Is Not Amused

For the first time since the election Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Donald Trump for Saturday Night Live. And it wasn't kind on the president-elect. It featured Baldwin's Trump as being overwhelmed by the fact that he's now going to be POTUS, googling "What is ISIS" and even asking Siri, Apple's AI personal assistant, for advice on how to kill the terrorist group. Whatever your views on the president-elect are it's difficult not to have a chuckle.

As well as mocking with satire Trump's readiness for the role of president, the sketch also nodded to Trump's vice president-elect Mike Pence's recent eventful trip to the theatre to see Broadway hit Hamilton.

While there he was booed and the cast read out a statement after the show about their concerns for the incoming government. It was a statement that seemed to upset Trump who spoke out against them on Twitter, demanding an apology—but as with the rest of planet earth, you're no doubt well aware of the incident by now.

This, no doubt along with Baldwin's portrayal of Trump which caricatures and ridicules his facial expressions, gestures, and inflections, saw Trump take to twitter, again, to make his opinion of the show known.

He seemed to be pretty riled up.

But it didn't go unnoticed by Baldwin, who took to Twitter himself to hit back against Trump.

What a strange time to be alive when a Hollywood A-lister is having a spat with the next president via social media while the world watches.

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