Astonishing Moment Caught On Video As Train Collides With A Truck Stuck On The Tracks

Planes, trains and automobiles, they sure are great for transporting us and cargo about the earth, but you don't want to be in them when they career into something or fall from the sky. The clip above features a freight train colliding with a truck stuck on the rails in Mer Rouge, La.

The astonishing footage was captured by two people who witnessed the crash from their car. According to NOLA.com the collision caused two engines and 17 cars to derail and resulted in a train conductor suffering serious injuries, along with an engineer suffering minor ones.

Both were in a locomotive that overturned and slammed into a big oak tree, Mer Rouge Police Chief Mitch Stephens said. He said the locomotive ended with its main door facing the ground and rescue crews had to pry off an access door to get to the two.

Stephens said about 50 houses were evacuated for about two hours due to concerns that a tank car of pressurized argon gas might explode. Another tank of argon, an inert gas used to fill light bulbs and in arc welding, leaked until it was empty, he said. (via)

The guy driving the truck was able to jump to safety when he saw the train coming. Obviously, it's not the first time a crash has been caught on video.

There are plenty of wincing moments that have captured some near-misses, like the horrifying instance of when a rally car crashed into the crowd at the Jolly Rally in Italy's Aosta Valley (below).

Driver Piero Scavone and navigator Diego D'Hérin's lost control of the car as it came around the corner and nearly collided with some spectators, who probably won't be sitting that close to a rally race ever again.

And here's another insane moment caught on film—the moment a plane crashed to terra firma, caught on tape from inside the cockpit. Everyone survived, but it certainly won't make you eager to get in a light aircraft any time soon.

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