The Science Of Cats—Do They Have Emotions? Yes And Here's How You Understand Them

Yes, cats are definitely cute, there's no denying that, but even though they might live amongst us, sharing our lives and eating our food, and dropping dead creatures on our carpets, cats can also be elusive bastards.

They can be aloof, they can be distant, they can be hard to read. Unless they want food, of course.

But thanks to YouTuber Chris Poole, who is the human of Cole and Marmalade who feature in this vid, you can now learn exactly how to interpret each and every emotion your cat demonstrates.

From fear to trust and beyond, Poole journeys through each emotion using the scientific rigour and expertise we've all come to expect from YouTube videos made by people who own cats.

If you haven't learned something, anything, by the end of this video, well, you haven't watched it properly.

Because after your brain has ingested this insightful knowledge you'll practically feel like you've journeyed inside the mind of a cat, and peeked at its inner workings.

You'll basically come away feeling half-cat, half-human.


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