Self-Packing Cats - A Cute Compilation Of Felines Squeezing Themselves Into Bags And Boxes

I have no idea why, but i'd love to know the reason behind why cats love to putting themselves into spaces that just look way too small for them, whether that be boxes or bags or your sink.

It's totally dumb, but also seriously cute.

They're also like little Houdinis because when you look at what they're putting themselves in it seems impossible, but somehow, someway, they manage it.

And this compilation shows them doing just that, squeezing into cartons, climbing into plastic bags, running into boxes, and generally acting daft and adorable as is their way.

But that's exactly how they want us to think, wrapped up in adoration for their cute little ways as we fuss over them, treating them like kings both on and off line.

While, no doubt, they're plotting the day when they take over the world. it's just a matter of time. You'll see.


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