Attack Of The Cute: These Adorable Two-Week-Old Baby Bunnies Can't Stay Awake

Look at these tiny adorable bundles of cute. JUST LOOK AT THEM. They are so damn adorable that the world is too much for them, and they have to just sleep.

Sweet, sweet sleep.

Only two weeks old they need all the sleep they can get so they can grow into bigger bunnies, and then chew through electrical cables and ruin all the wiring in their owner's home. As is their way.

But seriously, maybe they're so tired because this person keeps waking them up so they can make this video about how they can't sleep? It's a self-perpetuating cycle.

Although, if they didn't keep waking them to make this video we wouldn't get to see them, and you definitely want to see them.

Because they're the most loveable little baby animals since, well, since those other loveable little baby animals you saw on the internet.


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