Australian Comedian Ruins Christmas By Making Outrageous Claim About Santa

If there are any kids reading this, look away now because the biggest and worst spoiler of your life is about to be revealed by Australian comedian Kitty Flanagan. While appearing on Australian TV show The Project she suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, dropped her bombshell. Which was that... Santa doesn't exist. Waaaaaat?

"Oh sorry, spoiler alert," she tried to claw back afterwards. "If you have kids in the room, you should probably have covered their ears and gone ‘la, la, la!’ or something." But it was all too late. The damage had been done. Christmas had been ruined, RUINED!

The Project took to social media to apologise and try and stem the flow of fury from angry parents.

The responses they received weren't favorable though.

So the show took measures to come back from ruining children's Christmases by going live to the North Pole the next day to show that, actually, Santa does exist. And everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

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