Female Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Shows Off Her Training Regime With WSHH

You've probably heard of Michelle Jenneke, but probably not for her hurdling ability—because while she didn't win any medals for her appearance at the 2012 Olympics, she certainly got people's attention.

It was her special warm up dance that stuck in the memory.

But Jenneke is a champion athlete too who took silver at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. She's also a model now, thanks in no small part to her appearance in London 2012.

In the video above Jenneke is set to take over the Internet once again, and this time it’s with the viral video gurus at World Star Hip Hop who have been kind enough to showcase her hardcore workout regime that she practices to stay at the top of her game.

And when I say regime I mean gratuitous close-up shots of her in a bikini-because this is the kind of mental attitude and discipline that is needed if you want to make it on the world athletics circuit i guess?

You can see her warm up technique from the 2012 Olympics, below.

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