The Hilarious 'NFL 2017 A Bad Lip Reading' Video Is Here And It Doesn't Fail To Disappoint

Whether you're a football fan or not, you will very much enjoy the NFL 2017 Bad Lip Reading video which is as hilarious as you would hope. And just in time for the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday.

It follows hot on the heels of the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel's Inauguration Day interpretation (which went down a storm on the internet, as you can imagine) and features many of the Super Bowl 51 competitors.

And, of course, they're spouting the kind of absurdist nonsense that everyone's come to expect from a channel that made the brilliant Yoda singing video and had us singing along about seagulls attacking him.

Plus it's a yearly tradition for the channel to do an NFL Bad Lip Reading.

Without it we wouldn't get such classic non sequiturs as coaches saying, "Somebody took the nickels out of my dang locker. You hear what I said? You guys are all now suspects.” Or Tom Brady declaring "I'm pretty and pushy." It just might be the funniest thing Tom Brady has ever done.

It's a great way to prep yourself for the Superbowl, not that it will give you any special insight or knowledge, but when you watch Super Bowl 51 you'll be able to recall many of the players saying stupid stuff from this video.

And that should make things that extra bit entertaining, especially if football isn't your thing.


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