A Bad Lip Reading Turns Second Presidential Debate Into Hilariously Weird Poetry

If you were asked to describe the presidential debates, you probably wouldn't have called them poetry. But that's what the second one has been turned into thanks to YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading.

By completely misreading what Trump and Clinton are saying, their sniping and snarking becomes poems with titles like "Brown Bikini" and "Mike the Merry Cricket."

The latter is Trump's original piece about a cricket who loves to sing and is friends with a bee and a toucan, but he ends up as meat in gravy—read into that what you will. Clinton, meanwhile, retorts with her "Because Zombies" and in among this poetry slam are questions from the audience.

It turns the whole circus of the presidential election into some kind of absurdist poetic reflection, but one where members of the audience ask about poop. And the two candidates turn out weird stanzas like “We lived our white lie in a cage that’s now gone/Anger, rust, and the summer ice I couldn’t melt in a brown bikini.”

It's one of the only amusing things to come out of those debates, with it being more like a build up to a WWF fight than choosing the next president of the USA, so lets take some mood-lightening where we can.

However, some other fun that came from the candidates duelling was Saturday Night Live's take on them with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hilary Clinton. You can check out their latest (and last) one of those, which followed the third and final debate, below.

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