Black Tiger Sex Machine's 'Numbers' Music Video Pays Homage To Blade's Epic Opening Scene

Canadian EDM trio Black Tiger Sex Machine have paid homage to one of the best nightclub scenes ever committed to film in their music video for latest song "Numbers."

The track is off debut album Welcome To Our Church released on Kannibalen Records and nods to the opening scene from the 1998 vampire superhero movie.

For their take on it though the vampires have been replaced by zombies, a different type of undead monster. And, rather than Blade saving the day it's none other then BTSM themselves, decked out in their LED futuristic tiger helmets and wielding a sledgehammer, chain-blade, and a lightsaber.

"We chose to reinvent Blade because we loved that movie growing up, it was a big one for us and that opening scene is iconic." the group tells Smash. "It was our first introduction to electronic music and warehouse culture."

The band have also restaged the scene to be set in the Kannibalen universe—horror and stage theatrics are a big part of their style when they perform, and their monthly nightclub event they started in Montreal, called Kannibalen, was initially conceived as a cannibal-themed night. After this they asked fans to vote for different costume ideas for upcoming nights, so the video ties into that too.

"To fit the scene in our universe, we reference the Kannibalen virus, and the DJ of the rave even yells 'Are you infected!?' to the crowd before one of the drops." the trio explain. "The infection is the main element you get to see in the video that's from our universe, along with us entering in to save the day. We went with a more zombie style than vampire because we've always pushed the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, which the vampires didn't fit. Flesh-eating zombie-like creatures do!"

You can check out the video above and head to BTSM's Soundcloud to listen to their album.


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