Black Widow Gets Her Own Romantic Comedy In This SNL Parody Mocking Marvel's Sexism

Saturday Night Live have delivered what Marvel haven't—the trailer for a stand alone Black Widow movie. Except, this isn't the sort of movie that fans were probably looking for, as it trades fight scenes and explosions for the tired tropes of romantic comedies.

Black Widow: Age of Me sees Scarlett Johansson's avenger juggling life and love—interning at fashion magazine Fashion Weekly, experiencing boyfriend troubles with her new robot beau Ultron, and sharing her problems with BFFs Captain America, Nick Fury, and a very gay Thor.

Ms. Johansson steps up to the plate and delivers a very convincing parody of her on-screen character and for a moment you can almost believe it's the real thing. But only for a moment.

It's the perfect provocation for Marvel to step up and make the kickass Black Widow movie the character deserves. Just don't make it a romantic comedy.


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