'How Facebook Is Just Like Your Desperate Needy Ex' Is Shown In College Humor's Hilarious Video

Facebook is many things, mostly it's a social media site but it's also increasingly becoming just like a needy ex. College Humor point out exactly how in this sketch.

Like when it shows you your memories from days gone by, reminiscing on how great things used to be and all the good times you had together. The times when you used to share personal updates rather than just posting GIFs and memes, GIFs and memes which are no good for it to get marketable data from which it can sell to brands.

It's kind of scary how much it correlates to being just like a desperate ex to be honest—unable to just leave you alone, instead it constantly tries to impress you by showing you things you might like but probably don't.

All you want is for it to leave you alone, but instead it just buys up all the things you enjoy in the hope it can get your attention. But all it's really doing is making you hate it more.

The only difference is that Facebook uses algorithms to determine what it thinks you like and don't like.

Anyway, just be grateful Facebook doesn't ever team up with your ex, together they could create a truly abominable monster.


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