News Presenter Gets Stoned On Skunk And Freaks Out Saying 'It's Worse Than Being In A War Zone'

Looks like UK Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow is a bit of a lightweight when it comes to getting high. As part of new upcoming British TV show Drugs Live: Cannabis On Trial which looks at the impact of hash and skunk on the brain, Snow toked up some strong weed and then proceeded to freak the hell out.

Inhaling it in a hotbag, which is going to mess you up much more than just a joint, he starts by saying he feels a bit "woolly" and "slightly separated from myself." He then goes for an MRI scan and, surprise, surprise, he starts to get anxious and then gets THE FEAR.

He generally has a rather unpleasant experience, going on to call skunk "aggressive filth" and saying it "robbed me of my persona". Dude, you just got the fear, you need to take the advice of Danny from Withnail and I: "Change down, man, find your neutral space. You got a rush. It will pass. Be seated."

But then who wouldn't freak out if they were stoned going for an MRI scan with the cameras rolling? To get a real test of how it makes you feel, he wants to avoid bright lights and any hint of officialdom. Instead he needs to sit down to an episode of South Park or some Mario Kart.

That'll kill the paranoia and instead he'll probably just start feeling like he could eat his body weight in bacon-wrapped pizza.


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