'UKIP Virus' Is Sweeping Across The UK, Causing Its Citizens To Act Like Small-minded Bigots

Before you settle down to watch this, it's best we take a moment to have a little primer on British politics and who UKIP are. The UK has an election coming up, voting for a new prime minister. One of their main parties, who are currently in power, are the right-leaning Conservatives. Think Republicans.

They're known as the nasty party because of their policies which favor the rich over the poor. Well, another party looking to govern are called UKIP, who lean even further to the right. They claim they're supporting the common man but often their candidates are a bit loony. They're considered racist, sexist, homophobic—any prejudice you care to think of, someone in their party has that opinion. Consider them the even nastier party. Or the UK version of the Tea Party.

With that in mind British comedian Dan Robb has created this sketch mocking UKIP by comparing support for them to a virus (symptoms include sudden, inexplicable xenophobia), which is not only very funny, but a pretty great analogy too. In it he plays the heartbroken brother of a victim of this terrible, terrible affliction.

But there's also a twist.

For more of Dan Robb's hilarious sketches visit his YouTube page.


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