Horses With The Coolest Haircuts - Woman Shaves Horses Hair Creating Elaborate Works Of Art

Melody May from the UK runs a professional horse clipping service with her company JMC Equestrian Custom Clipping, but these are no regular haircuts for the horses.

May freehand shaves intricate artistic designs on the horses, clipping their body hair into elaborate and fancy patterns. The results are, well, unique and pretty impressive really.

She carves in all kind of shapes likes stars, hearts, squares, creating full body designs that give the horses a striking look. And it's not all done in the mane of vanity, clipping is not only beneficial to the horses in the summer for keeping cool, it also helps to prevent their hair from getting matted

The Telegraph reported, "Melody began clipping her own pet pony at the age of 12, and is now an absolute pro at it. She had to trim her pony frequently because it suffered from a condition called cushings, causing it to have a thick woolly coat which doesn't change in the warmer season."

No stencils are used and in case you wondered clipping the horses' hair is actually good for them, because it stops the hair from matting. However, she has received some criticism from people on the company's Facebook page, because this is the internet and that's what people do.

"There were many people getting irate over what is, essentially, simply a haircut." she responded to the haters. "No animal is ever forced to stand or made to feel uncomfortable during the trims. In fact, they quite enjoy the whole experience."

So there. Have a look at some of her horse art below.


Photos via JMC Equestrian