'Camping With Dogs' Instagram Account Is Full Of Adorable Mutts In The Great Outdoors

So you're going camping. You got your tent? Check. Sleeping bags? Check. Portable stove? Check. Too much food? Check. Enough alcohol for a week-long party? Check. Dog? Um... check? When off for a weekend in the great outdoors, you don't usually take your pet along with you, but after seeing this maybe you should.

Well, if you have a dog. Dog's love running around outside, dogs love playing amongst nature—and maybe they can help scare off bears too. They'd be the perfect camping companion. But if you're unsure and you're wondering what a camping dog might be like, look no further than Instagram account @campingwithdogs.

The account posts pictures of dogs tucked in rucksacks, going for a climb, nestled in coats, out kayaking, lying in tents chilling, or staring wistfully at the beautiful mountain view.

And if you give it some thought they could actually be the perfect camping buddy, they won't moan at your awful cooking, lack of personal hygiene, snoring in your sleep and inability to get up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise and embrace nature in all it's glory. It's a win-win situation.

"Inspiring the world to take your dog hiking and camping." runs the byline. Heck it's inspiring me to go camping with a dog and I don't even have one.

The best sunrise viewing partner. #campingwithdogs PC: @justincostner / @hikemoreadventures

Well that's one way to get a dog up the mountain... #campingwithdogs @themountaindog_

Celebrate going offline. #campingwithdogs @mtncathryn

Sometimes adventuring can be exhausting. #campingwithdogs @samanthabrookephoto

So we've seen that a @Patagonia jacket isn't the best accessory for a dog. We recommend a Camping With Dogs bandana! #campingwithdogs @indiegramz [link in bio]

Home sweet home. #campingwithdogs @expeditionhusky

You've got the entire tent and this is where you lay? Ok. #campingwithdogs @matthew_greeves

One of our favorite Instagram camping pages! Check out @campingwithdogs. Do you go #campingwithdogs? #KOAcamping #dogsofinstagram #bestfriend

Caption this picture from the dogs perspective in 5 words or less. #campingwithdogs @laurenhowlandphoto

"Hey mom. I gave myself a bath. Can I get in the tent now?" #campingwithdogs @adventuringmary

You've still got some time to get a beach camping trip in before the weather turns cold! #campingwithdogs @nancythebeat

"What? I was cold so I borrowed some of your clothes. I hope you don't mind." @cjthedaljones #campingwithdogs

This is what it's all about. Just @jadubya and her favorite four legged best friend. #nationalcampingwithdogsday #campingwithdogs

We want to be apart of the @west_coast_heeler_pack. #campingwithdogs

How I come out of the tent every morning camping... #campingwithdogs @captain_shark

"Sorry, ma. I was cold." #campingwithdogs @t_downeyiii @patagonia #patagonia

Instagram is about to break... What a way to end National Dog Day! #campingwithdogs #nationaldogday @christianannschaffer

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