As If You Needed It, Here's Conclusive Proof That Dogs Are The Most Adorable Animals Ever

If you're a dog owner then you don't need any proof of why dogs are the cutest things to ever cute. But for all those non-dog owners that may've had their doubts, these videos are concrete, scientific, validated, conclusive proof that dogs are just totally, and utterly, and entirely, adorable.

The first piece of proof is the above video, which shows your average household pet dog thinking that a terrace door is closed, when in fact it's open. Look at him. LOOK AT HIM. Shuffling around on his feet, not stepping over the threshold like a bundle of awwww.

Not convinced? Well here's the second piece of evidence, which shows Aiko full of guilt, but in complete denial of the crime after eating all the cheese. Bad girl, Aiko.

Obviously after that there's no doubt left in your mind as to whether dogs are the cutest animal in the animal kingdom.

But in case there is, this video of a dog tricking a stranger to play catch should definitely clear the doubt-cobwebs from your mind.

I can tell you're still not totally on board, are you? Right then, here's a singing dog. That should clear things up.

Wow, I can't believe you're still here and you're not down at the pet store buying a dog. This is my final video and it features a really big dog to put the point across.

If you're not convinced after this, you're a lost cause. Go and buy a cat and leave me alone.

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