This Is Why Exes Can't Be 'Just Friends'—Guy Catches Girlfriend Cheating With Her Ex On Camera

Talk about tempting fate. A girl's boyfriend was fed up with her constantly bringing up her ex, noting how her new beau does things similar things to him, talking about him like he was the one that got away, and stalking him on Facebook. Just the sort of thing that strips all of your self-esteem and makes you suspicious.

So, the current boyfriend decided to do something about it. Something that, even without the benefit of hindsight, was probably a stupid idea. He decided, with the help of YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater, to set up his girlfriend and test her loyalty by setting up a—surprise!—meeting with her ex.

The ex was in on the sting, convinced to take part by good old fashioned money. So all that was left was to set up a hidden camera and wait for the inevitable to happen. Which it did, as the ex eventually leans in for a kiss which the girlfriend happily receives. You can almost hear the sound of the current boyfriends heart breaking. Ouch.

Cut to our man the current boyfriend (who's just seen the whole thing on live video) looking pretty pissed off and devastated by it all. Naturally. But what the heck was he expecting? Why go there, dude?

After another kiss the ex boyfriend's work here is done, so he leaves but not before asking if the girlfriend wants to "hang out" later that night. He's definitely a smooth operator. Maybe a bit too smooth. Then we see the current boyfriend pacing around moaning about the fact his girlfriend, who was clearly still massively hung up on her ex, shared a kiss with him when he sent the ex in to do just that.

Christ. Let's just hope for the sanity of us all that this whole thing was fake.


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