Animal Fails 2015 - Laugh It Up With The Funniest And Silliest Animal Behavior Of The Past Year

Lets face it, everybody likes fails, it's the staple diet of the internet. Humans caught failing on camera is one thing, but animals caught doing it is a whole different kind of schadenfreude.

In fact I'm not even sure it's even schadenfreude, because that relates to laughing at the misfortune of other people. However science does state that it IS an animal instinct to do this. So the jury's out.

So it's practically guilt free entertainment, guilt-free laughs at the expensive of these silly animals being silly. It begins with some kind of pug orgy and that sets the tone for the rest of the seven minute compilation.

From ducks to the face, to dog vs. drone, to dog vs. plastic bag, to cat vs. cucumber, this isn't the animals you see on National Geographic or a David Attenborough-narrated documentary.

There's no grace or majesty here, there's just pure and utter daftness.

And for that, we salute these goofy, derpy creatures.

Long may they continue to fail in 2016.


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