Cattle Auctioneers And Hip Hop Beats Are Together At Last In These Remixed Vines

Anyone who has seen an auctioneer in action would not fail to be impressed by their sheer brilliance of delivering important bid information regarding the item for sale at a speed that would be the envy of many a rap star.

A livestock auctioneer who's at the top of their game has a certain musical cadence to their fast-speaking cattle talk. You could almost say it was like someone rapping.

Or you can go one step further and say it was some kind of art form. It's that impressive.

The clever people over at Vine account Auctioneer Beats have taken this idea and ran with it, or rapped with it, combining various auctioneers with beats from hip hoppers like Schoolboy Q and J. Cole.

Included in the remixes is Rhett Parks, a raptioneer of long standing (check the video above), and plenty of other auctioneers who suddenly become impressive rappers once you add that all important beat.

The results are impressive stuff, if you thought the most important rap album of 2016 was Kanye's Life of Pablo then just wait until these guys form a crew.

It's going to go off!

Check out some of their flows below.

And be prepared to see them vying with Kanye for Best Rap Album 2016.

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