Childbirth Video Shows Guy's Hilariously Horrified Reaction To His Girlfriend's Labor

A childbirth video has gone viral because of a Dutch teenage man known as Dalo, who is the expectant father waiting for the birth of his son in the delivery room, and his hilarious and horrified reaction to seeing the mother finally give birth. Moms obviously suffer the hardships of labor, after first carrying the brood around for nine months. All the guy really needs to do is offer support, because the pains of giving birth can be managed and helped by the husband or father of the kid. But as this childbirth video shows, his reaction is one of total panic.

They can be there to hold the mother's hand, offer reassurance, and play soothing or favored music and generally give encouragement to help move things along. Or, as this childbirth video shows, they can just recoil in horror, shake with dismay with their hands clasped in front of their mouth in utter shock at what's unfolding before them. Which is not exactly the best news for the mom-to-be, but hilarious for us to witness.

Dalo And His Hilarious Childbirth Video Reaction

childbirth video 01.
Dalo watching the birth

That's what's happening in this childbirth video which shows teenage dad Dalo looking totally harrowed as his 17-year-old girlfriend gives birth. The guy just cannot believe what is going on, he's totally horrified by it all, even hugging himself at one point. Then when the baby is finally delivered, he drifts over to the corner of the room, mouth agape, seemingly more traumatized than the mother by the whole ordeal of giving birth.

He does however manage to pull it together at the end, and cuts the umbilical cord like a proud dad. The whole childbirth video scene was recorded and broadcast live as part of Dutch reality TV show Four Hands on a Belly.

The original childbirth video was first uploaded to Facebook with the strange caption “‘When you find out the baby does not come via stork" and has had over more than four million views.

However, there is a cruel clue in the video's title as you will unfortunately see below.

When You Realize Baby Does Not Come Via Stork

childbirth video reaction 02.
Dalo taking the paternity test

So, it seems this whole tale has a sad and crazy twist, because after the childbirth video scene in the same episode it shows Dalo taking a DNA test to confirm he's the father. And, turns out he isn't. In the show him and his teenage partner Quintana are seen sitting together when this information is revealed to them, and Dalo storms out of the room while the mother is left holding the baby, crying. It's all rather a depressing end to things.

Supposedly though Dalo and the mother Quintana managed to patch things up and are still together.

You can see the whole thing unfold in the Four Hands on a Belly childbirth video aftermath below. Make sure you change the settings to subtitles and switch the translation on if your Dutch isn't up to much.

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