Chipotle's Twitter Gets Hacked By A Bunch Of Racist Trolls

Brands and social media are a notoriously bad mix, but sometimes bad things just happen. And that's what happened to Chipotle's twitter account over the weekend.

The account was hacked, its profile pic changed to a swastika and it's feed became a stream of hate, racist remarks, and foul language. It all happened on Saturday night as hackers, who said they did it for the lulz, filled Chipotle's twitter with all kinds of bad language.

It just goes to show that thinking of using racist comments to troll people is definitely related to having a low IQ.

Check it out below, but be warned, it is very offensive.

The cause of the hack was eventually found.

Chipotle eventually regained control of the account on Sunday morning and then issued an apology.

These twitter hacks, be they corporations, government or celebrities, seem to be happening every other week. Welcome to the future.

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