The Most Racist Field Trip Ever: Black Guy Recounts Being Taken On Cotton Picking Field Trip

School field trips come in all different shapes and sizes, but you don't expect black students to be taken on a racist field trip picking cotton, that's kinda racist, no matter how educational it's supposed to be. Isn't it? Yet the field trip actually happened and that unbelievable activity is exactly what this student hilariously recounts to his friends in what he describes as 'the most racist field trip ever' in the video above.

And it's hard to disagree with him. He got his mom to sign the permission slip and everything. Because when he was told by the teacher that they'd be going on a field trip for the day, he thought they'd just be going to lie in the sun and enjoy themselves. But no.

Instead a class of African-American third grade school kids get taken to a cotton field and told to go grab a sack and start picking cotton. Working all day long in the cotton fields in the stifling August heat, while singing songs too—in some kind of sick and twisted racist history lesson.

'The most racist field trip ever'? It's starting to sound like a real contender.

"Pick as much cotton as you want" they were told, the student recounts and adds "It's amazing they didn't put chains and shackles on their legs to make it feel more authentic."

And to round the day off perfectly, just to add insult to injury, they didn’t even let them keep the cotton they picked. You really have to wonder who was the brains behind this cultural experience for schoolchildren.

Oh man. The one good thing that came out of it? This guy's hilarious recollection of the trip—including his mom's reaction—to the amusement of his buddies. Check out the racist field trip video above.


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