Men Watch A Live Circumcision On Video For The First Time And Are Totally Horrified

The act of male circumcision is still used very regularly in the US, but while more than half of US males are circumcised it's also seen as controversial and unnecessary by some. Addressing this is a new video from YouTube duo BriaAndChrissy (they've previously brought the world lesbians touching a penis for the first time and gay men touching a vagina for the first time) called "Men React To A Circumcision!."

It features men sat down in front of a laptop who are initially asked about their thoughts on circumcision. Most of them, before watching anything, seem to generally agree with it. But then they're played a video of a live circumcision and, well, by the end most have done a complete turn on what they said previously. Let's just say their reactions speak for themselves.

As well as bringing some clarity to the participants' thoughts on the matter, BriaAndChrissy also want to start a conversation around the issue of circumcision. On whether it should still be practised in a modern society, even though there aren't necessarily any health benefits, or whether it's a dated concept and cruel to the recipients.

Like the previous videos the idea is to stir debate. We emailed a few questions off to the duo to ask them a bit more about this and what benefits they think making these types of videos brings.

Smash: Do you think there’s a limit to these types of videos, in regards to there being a body part or bodily function you wouldn’t address? Or is that not an issue for you?
It's not an issue for us. It's not as if we are presenting these videos in a sexual or demeaning way. With that said, no, we don't think there is a limit for these videos. As long as they are worthwhile to us and start an interesting dialogue or tackle topics that are not often addressed then we will continue making them.

What do you think the social value is of these types of videos you’ve been doing?
The social value in these types of videos is that we are starting conversations not often publicly discussed and hopefully make people more open to thinking about what they believe and why.

And do you find the people involved, both the subject and the people reacting, genuinely come away with a better understanding?
Definitely. One of the best parts of making these videos has been seeing how the participants have been affected by their experiences, especially the individuals in the Touch and Circumcision videos. All have had their beliefs challenged and many have walked away with new outlooks and a better understanding.


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