CNN Gets Pranked Live On Air By The Legendary Captain Janks

CNN was in the middle of covering an earthquake that struck California when they received a call from a man calling himself Adam Sure, saying he was the public information officer for the San Francisco police department.

So, naturally, CNN didn't check his credentials and instead put him live on air to speak to the anchor. Except this wasn't Adam Sure but Howard Stern fan, master prankster and scourge of the news media Captain Janks (aka Tom Cipriano).

Being the prank caller of legend that he is, when the news anchor asked Cipriano what the cause of the earthquake might be he said that, due to the early morning nature of it they believed it was a "rumbling from Howard Stern's butt crack". Cue the host having to apologize and Captain Janks racking up another notch on his prank caller bedpost.

Janks is the Bart Simpson to the news media's Moe's Tavern, and he's made a number of prank calls to CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC, religious shows and home-shopping channels. He's been a constant fly in their ointment for many years. But just before he revealed his latest CNN prank he tweeted the following:

But don't worry, he's retired before then proceeded to come out of retirement to prank call MSNBC's coverage of the Malaysia Airlines Ukraine crash, saying the plane was shot down by a "blast of wind from Howard Stern's ass" before calling the presenter a dumbass.

And long may he continue.

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