This Is Hilarious - Here's How To Troll Annoying Telemarketers By Pretending To Be The FBI

Yep, we all know how damn annoying this breed of human can be when you answer a call from an unknown number on your phone, only to be sold something you don't want from a slick talking salesman, but by the end of this video you can't help but pity the poor telemarketer at the other end of this call, or not.

Because lets be honest, deep down we all know that that they are pretty much the most hated people on earth and deserve all they can get.

But fear not, Tom Mabe has got your back and gets them back for all humanity by pretending to be an FBI agent on a murder scene, with Tom Mabe the victim.

Then the fun really begins as Mabe starts to mess with the caller and find out just what relationship he may’ve had with the murdered man – An oldie, but still gold.


More about Tom Mabe from our friends at Wikipedia:
Mabe, based in Louisville, Kentucky, achieved notability with his prank responses to telemarketing calls. He kept recording equipment near his telephone, and upon receiving an unsolicited call would engage the telemarketer in an unexpected and often uncomfortable conversation while recording the incident. One of his best known pranks of this genre involved convincing a telemarketer that he had inadvertently called the scene of a homicide. He has been featured on Drew & Mike in the Morning on WRIF numerous times and has released three comedy albums of his calls through Virgin Records Nashville. Mabe now operates a YouTube channel entitled "MabeInAmerica" onto which he uploads his pranks. His exploits now primarily focus on the candid camera style of pranking, although telemarketing related and other prank calls are still included on occasion. In 2008, Mabe was the Executive Producer, writer, and talent for the CMT (Country Music Television) comedy series, Mabe In America. Six episodes have been produced, including two "best of" shows that showcase his most popular features. He appeared in the second episode of CMT Comedy Stage.

Mabe also performs as a standup comedian. The current center of focus of his acts generally revolves around issues that Americans tend to find annoying including email spam, bad customer service, and high gas prices.

In December of 2013, Mabe created a prank video, intended to discourage driving under the influence, in which he and several accomplices convinced a mutual friend with a history of multiple DUIs that he had just awoken from a 10 year coma resulting from a drunk driving accident. It became a viral video, earning over 20 million views on YouTube by July of 2014.


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