Comic-Con 2016 - The Best Of The Cosplay Costumes At The San Diego Sci-Fi & Comic Convention

Another Comic-Con has come and gone and with it came a whole bunch of new trailers, some of them we can all see, like Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and The Lego Batman Movie.

Others, like teasers and glimpses of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 only the Comic-Con crowds got to see.

All we get is to vicariously experience those by reading reports online. Oh well.

What we also get to see vicariously is some of the incredible cosplay that's on offer at the convention. Which, basically, is the place to go to show off your cosplaying skills.

Hundreds of People went the extra mile, dressed up in some amazing home-made cosplay costumes, and descended on San Diego for the 46th annual Comic-Con convention.

So naturally there were plenty of great costumes to see. From little kids dressed up like Harley Quinn to a whole gang of Deadpools, to mashups of different characters, it's all here.

Which means that it doesn't matter if you never made it to Comic-Con this year, you don't need to. Instead just watch the above trailers online and look at these photos, and pretend like you were there.

Until next year.

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