Couples Having Sex: Long-Term Partners Reveal The First And Last Time They Got Intimate

If you wanted to peek, not literally that would just be weird, into the intimate lives of other couples having sex then this video from Cut should satisfy your curiosity, and potentially put you off your lunch. Maybe even your dinner.

It features various couples, old, young, straight, gay, lesbian, discussing the first time they had sex and the last time they had sex. It makes you realize that when it comes to couples having sex, everyone is different.

Some more so than others.

First times range from all kinds of situations, from upstairs at a party to in a room full of passed out people, to on the kitchen counter—passion seems to be the uniting theme, which differs of course to when they last had sex.

But, regarding the first time , there's also some discrepancies each person in the couple has when remembering it. For instance, one guy says their first time last 20 minutes—although someone forgot to tell his partner that, she remembers it being far shorter. Then when the same couple are asked to recall the last time they had sex, the guy says, "About a week ago." while the woman replies, "No, it was way longer than that." Call it the Rashomon effect.

But the fact is many of the couples, some of whom have kids, don't make the beast with two backs very often now they're in established couplehood. You could say it's a damning indictment of what happens to most couples in longterm relationships—and you'd be correct.

However, along with probably fulfilling your curiosity, if you had any, by about three and a half minutes in, it's a question of way too much information being shared. Like, waaaay too much.

Be warned, it's not for the faint hearted.

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Couples having sex photo via YouTube

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