Father's Get To Show Off Their Ninja Dad Reflexes In This Compilation Of Epic Dad Saves

Any father knows that ninja-like dad reflexes are essential when it comes to looking after their kid's safety. it can be a particularly stressful job sometimes, especially in situations when your child is discovering and trying out new things and constantly on the lookout for adventure as they find their way around the world.

It's usually during these periods of activity that potentially catastrophic things (as seen through a parents eyes) happen and that's the moment your heart stops beating as you watch the disaster unfold with terror in your eyes.

But this is the moment where some fathers rise to the cause with some epic dad saves.

There are two types of dad in this world—there are ninja dads who possess amazing dad reflexes and there are non-ninja dads. Ninja dads are the ones schooled in the mystical arts of stopping out of control RC cars.

Or saving birthday cakes from facing a fate of being splattered over the floor. Or even speeding faster than a locomotive to stop a runaway Little Tikes Cozy Coupe from trampling their child. Or anything that the dads in this video do, as they use their dad reflexes to stop their little ones from sustaining any type of injury.

And if you're wondering how they manage to move or react so quickly and perform dad saves with some kind of superhero speed, the answer is very simple, it's all down to their inbuilt ability to see in bullet-time.

As soon as they're child is in danger—WHOOSH—the bullet-time vision comes down and they're able to see it all taking place in slow-motion and their dad reflexes kick in. Therein lies their secret.

When the Ninja Dad Reflexes Suddenly Kick In

Dads Get To Show Off Their Ninja Dad Reflexes In This Compilation Of Epic Dad Saves.
Behold the epic ninja dad reflexes in action as they save a small child.

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