When Dads Hook Their Kids Up To Lie Detectors, Embarrassment And Regret Soon Follows

It's cringe alert time! Following on from moms being asked questions about threesomes and drug-taking by their offspring, in honor of father's day it's the dads turn now to make us all pull faces at our screens as we shift uncomfortably in our seats.

But in a reversal of the moms video, it's the kids who are hooked up lie detectors and then asked questions about their love lives, drug taking, what parent they favor best, have they ever stolen from them, that kind of stuff. All the things that a father wants to know but would never expect to be told under normal circumstances.

Of course, embarrassment ensues because how could it not. Some of them come off worse than the others though, like the one guy who begins by saying, "I don't lie a lot, we'll see what this says." before setting off the polygraph with pretty much every single question he's asked.

Including one where he's asked if was ever intimate with one of his stuffed animals when he was younger (i'm sorry, but what dad would ever be carrying a question like that around in his mind anyway?).

And pity the poor son. with the outcome. Maybe the polygraph machine was faulty for that particular question. That's what he needs to tell himself anyway.


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